Ice Machine/Refrigeration Service

Artic provides expert professional service on icemakers and refrigeration equipment.

Artic specializes in service and maintenance of icemakers. We know how to properly clean and sanitize your icemaker. Whether you have a Manitowoc, a Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-matic or other ice machine manufacturer we have the experience and training to repair and maintain this vital piece of equipment.

For a job done right let the professionals at Artic care for your icemaker.

Manitoc Ice Machine Leasing

We service bars, restaurants, hospitality, Deli’s, small grocery markets, fast food, convenience stores, coffee shops, health and nutrition stores, just about anywhere refrigerated equipment is used.

We provide professional service on ice makers throughout the entire Minneapolis/ St. Paul metro area. We also service the surrounding communities such as Anoka, Burnsville, Hudson Wisconsin, North Branch, Elk River, Maple Grove, Monticello and Buffalo. We also service areas of Central Minnesota, including St. Cloud, Milaca, Alexandria Cambridge and more. Note sure if you are in our service area? Do not hesitate to call and ask.

30+ years of experience, factory trained, EPA certified, RSES certified.

Service for Icemakers, Bins and Dispensers from these fine manufacturers and more:

  • Manitowoc
  • Scotsman
  • Hoshizaki
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Remcor
  • Cornelius
  • Kold-draft

When was the last time you had your ice machine professionally cleaned?

Are your customers or staff seeing hard water scale or mold and gunk around your machine? Get it serviced BEFORE you have a real issue!

  • Bacteria is rampant in food service settings, which is why you spend so much time cleaning your kitchen. Shouldn’t your ice maker get the same respect? Bacteria can build in several areas of an ice maker, so you must regularly have it cleaned and sanitized.
  • Mold growth is slowed by the cold temperatures in a refrigeration cooler or ice maker, but it can still grow. If the ice maker has been off for any length of time, this checking for and cleaning any mold is even more important.
  • Whatever touches that ice – be it employees hands or the ice scoop – can contaminate your ice. Make sure employees are washing their hands and that the ice scoops are regularly cleaned.
  • Worn parts in the ice maker have the potential to leak oil, metal or rust particles and more. Regular inspections will prevent this.
  • Water problems like calcium and rust can damage your ice maker and aid in the contamination of your ice. Once again, a regular schedule of making sure the ice maker is free from water issues will prevent any issues.

Artic ice can provide professional cleaning and sanitizing on all manufacturers of ice machines.. cleaning will make the ice machine operate more efficiently, last longer and provide clearer, cleaner ice crystals.